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China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan

Yuxi (yù xī 玉溪) has been called as "defensive frontier of the provincial capital" since ancient time. Covering an area of 15,285 square kilometers, the city of Yuxi has a population of 2,016,800. There are 25 minorities in this city, including Yi (yí 彝), Hani (hā ní 哈尼), Dai (dǎi 傣), Hui (huí 回), Bai (bái 白), Mongolian (méng gǔ 蒙古), Miao (miáo 苗), Lahu (lā hù 拉祜) and so on, which make up 31.69% of the population.

Magic Tibet Ⅺ -- Yangbajing Drepung
China Travel Guide - Travel in Tibet


Founded in 1416 by Tsongkapa's(松赞干布) disciple Jamyang Choeje(绛央却杰), Drepung(哲蚌)

Food in China
China Living Tips - Shopping & Leisure

Food in China

As you may have noticed from eating Chinese food in North American restaurants, each region of China has its own type of food. Chuan food is hot and spicy; Beijing cooking is done with a lot of meat and vegetables (including the most famous Chinese dish of all, Peking Duck); Cantonese traditions include dim sum and delicacies like shark's fin soup; Shanghai cuisine is prepared with plenty of seafood and oil.

Chinese Sedan Chair
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

   Sedan Chair
The sedan Chair (jiào zǐ 轿子) can be regarded as a special transportation vehicle in ancient China. It is lifted with shoulders and hands. Actually, it is a removable bed, desk chair or chaise lounge which is fixed on two poles with or without a tent.

Southwest University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Southwest University (SWU) is a key comprehensive university, under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. It was newly established in July 2005 through the incorporation of former Southwest China Normal University and Southwest Agricultural University upon the approval of the Ministry of Education. SWU is situated nearby the beautiful Jialing River, and is located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, a state level scenic spot, in Beibei District, Chongqing Municipality.

四面楚歌(sì miàn chǔ gē)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom

At the end of the Qin Dynasty (qín cháo 秦朝,221-206 BC), the State of Chu and the State of Han fought for control of the country. Xiang Yu, the king of Chu, was besieged at a place called Gaixia by the Han army led by Liu Bang. Xiang Yu was in a desperate situation, with little food and only a few soldiers. At night, the surrounding Han troops started to sing Chu folk songs. Xiang Yu was very surprised at this, and said, “Has Liu Bang occupied the whole of Chu? How can he have drafted so many Chu people into his army?” Then he fled together with the remainder of his forces.This idiom is used metaphorically to mean to be in a helpless and critical situation, surrounded by the enemy on all sides.

Selcuk Alperen Turns Made in China to Sell in China
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Now, leading the garment manufacturing kingdom with an annual production of 10 million pieces, Selcuk says his China dream has just begun as the smart businessman sets his sights on the consumer market of the world's 2nd biggest economy. 

Wearing colorful clothes and a humble smile, Selcuk Alperen has made quite an impression on the global fashion industry and the Chinese market. As CEO and Chairman of Guangzhou Weibo Company, a worldwide merchandising production organization under Munich-based Insight Group, Selcuk's wealth of experience and impeccable timing is currently establishing the biggest Turkish clothing chains in China. 
International Marriage --- Thanks to WorldFriends Networks … we are thrilled and overjoyed.
About - WorldFriends Networks

Thanks to WorldFriends Networks … we are thrilled and overjoyed.
Vic and Elizabeth

International MarriageOn October. 9th, 2003, a young lady through your services e-mail me, calling herself Pinky. We've e-mail through about April and then she called me and we have been talking on the phone ever since. I travel to HongKong to meet her and her family and friends which at that time I asked her to be my wife and to live with me here in the U.S. We are now in the process of a Finacee Visa, which will take about 4-6 months. Hopefully some time in February. or March of 2005, we will be married. I love this woman with all my heart and though I was quite content with my life before I ever met her. Now I wonder how I can live without her. Without WorldFriends Networks this might have never happened.


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