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Qinghefang Ancient Street
China Travel Guide - Travel in Zhejiang

  Qinghefang Street
Qinghefang Ancient Street
(qīng hé fāng gǔ jiē 清河坊古街) is one of the oldest streets and is the only well persevered antique historic street in Hangzhou City (háng zhōu shì 杭州市). It derived from the Southern Song Dynasty (nán sòng 南宋) and became prosperous in the Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝). The buildings in the street were mostly constructed during the Ming (míng cháo 明朝) and Qing dynasties. After Hangzhou had been chosen as the capital of Southern Song Dynasty, Qinghefang witness many luxurious residence and prosperous restaurants, teahouse and stores. The street collects the business culture, construction culture and folk art culture, famous people, old alleys, ancient houses and renowned store accumulating rich historical and cultural heritage. It is the epitome of Hanghzou. The street is located close to Wu Hill (wú shān 吴山) and the West Lake (xī hú 西湖).

Yellow Crane Tower
China Travel Guide - Travel in Hubei

               Yellow Crane Tower (黄鹤楼)
Yellow Crane Tower 
(huáng hè lóu 黄鹤楼) is located on Snake Hill  (shé shān 蛇山) in Wuhan (wǔ hàn 武汉), Hubei Province. Enjoying the fame of 'The First Scenery under Heaven', it is one of the most renowned towers south of the Yangtze River. Its cultural significance led to its being made the symbol of Wuhan City. 

Pipa (Lute)
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

The earliest form of pipa known appeared in the Qin Dynasty (221-207BC). It had a long neck, leather surface and circular sound box, and was held upright. Around the time the Qin was succeeded by the Han Dynasty, this instrument underwent a number of modifications and it evolved into the ruan, qinqin , three-string, yueqin , etc. All these forms of the pipa had the common characteristics of a straight neck and circular sound box. The crooked neck was in fashion from the time of the Wei Dynasty to that of the Tang Dynasty. Similar instruments, such as the guizi pipa, five-string and hulei were all-semi-pear-shaped, and were all referred to as "huqin ".
From the Tang and Song dynasties, the pipa underwent unceasing development, until it attained the form it has today: a semi-pear-shaped sound box, paulownia-wood top

南辕北辙 ( nán yuán běi zhé )
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom


Once a man went to the south, but his carriage was heading north. A passer-by asked him: "If you are going to the south, why is your carriage heading north?" The man said, "My horse is good at running, my driver is highly skilled at driving a carriage, and I am rich." The man didn't care the direction might be wrong; the better his conditions were, the further he was far away from his destination. This idiom came from this story tells that one's action was the opposite effect to one's intention.

Bobby Miller: Getting good money on the course
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

foreigners in china

Bobby Miller arrived in Beijing in 2000, fresh from helping to establish golf courses in Hainan. His wife is from the capital and Miller wanted a job that was stable, allowed him to live in Beijing, and would indulge his love of golf.

He also heard there were few people teaching golf in Beijing.
"There was an Australian man and his son and a Swedish guy and they all had contracts - the Australian's with Sony Ericsson, the Swedish guy with Volvo. They had these awesome deals where they were getting paid lots of money," he says, describing the other golf instructors in Beijing at that time.
Bringing a first aid kit with you to China
China Living Tips - Health

China Living TipsBringing a first aid kit with you to China will save you a headache - literally and figuratively. Many medications, or their equivalents, are available in China but you don't want to be navigating your way through a Chinese pharmacy or sitting in the ER when all you need is some diarrhea meds to help you with that spicy Sichuan food you ate yesterday.

Here's a list of things you should have with you...just in case.
Northeast Forestry University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Founded in 1952, Northeast Forestry University (NEFU) was formed by the combination of both Zhejiang University and Northeast Agricultural College's forestry departments. It is currently one of the Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China's key universities and is also one of the universities in the “211 Project”.

Northeast Forestry University is located in the city of Harbin , the center of the region with China's 1argest state-owned forests. Its campus covers more than 136 hectares with teaching buildings, scientific research laboratories and practice sites. In addition, there are still several practice centers which include the Maoershan Experimental Forestry Center (Maoershan National Forest Park) and the LiangShui Experimental Forestry Center (LiangShui State-level Natural Reserve) etc. Therefore,the university has a total area of 33,000 hectares.

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About - WorldFriends Networks

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William and Sophia

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