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The Lijiang Ancient Town
China Travel Guide - Travel in Yunnan


       Old buildings in Dayan town
Lijiang (lì jiāng 丽江) is an ancient town at the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain (yù lóng xuě shān 玉龙雪山)  in northwestern Yunnan (yún nán 云南). In 1997, it was put on the World Cultural Heritage List. Lijiang got its name from the Lishui (now Jinsha) River (lì shuǐ hé 丽水河), which flows through the town. All year round the snow-capped peaks are enticing people to come for a visit. The Lijing Ancient Town (lì jiāng gǔ chéng 丽江古城) is the center of Lijiang Naxi Ethnic Minority Autonomous County (lì jiāng nà xī zú zì zhì zhōu 丽江纳西族自治州).

Baoguo Temple
China Travel Guide - Travel in Zhejiang

  Baoguo Temple
Baoguo Temple
(bǎo guó sì 保国寺) is situated on the mountainside of Ling Mountain (líng shān 灵山). It is about 15 kilometers away from Ningbo City (níng bō shì 宁波市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省). The temple is a cultural relic spot under the protection of the state with an area of more than 13,000 square meters.

滥竽充数 (làn yū chōng shù)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom


During the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,475-221BC),the King of the State of Qi (qí guó 齐国) was very keen on listening to a traditional musical instrument called Yu (yǖ, 竽) ensembles. He used to require 300 Yu players to form a grand music together thus to express his generosity. These musicians could get rather handson payment through playing for the ruler. A man named Nanguo (nán guō 南郭) learned about that and he wanted badly to become a member of the band due to the big money,even though he was not good at playing the instrument at all. Things went on very smoothly just as Nanguo planed. He successfully got a positon in the Yu band. Whenever the band played for the king,Nanguo just stood in the line,pretending that he was playing with his home heart and soul. However, not even one person paid attention to his fake playing.

Kunqu Opera
Learn Chinese - History and Culture
Kunqu Opera ranks among the most splendid and miraculous cultural art forms created by the Chinese people in their long history. Ever since it came into being at the district of Kunshan near Suzhou in the mid-14th century, Kunqu has been artistically refined over a period of 200 years and has stood out prominently among the various competing schools of opera in China for its “delicate tunes and elegant melodies”.With Suzhou as its base, Kunqu Opera soon became fashionable both at home and aboard, forming, for hundreds of years, the spectacular scene of “all operas taking Kunqu as their ancestor”.

After China entered the modern age, Kunqu Opera underwent
Central South University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

Central South University (CSU) is a comprehensive and national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education in China. CSU was established in April, 2000 on the basis of the amalgamation of the three former individual universities, namely Central South University of Technology, Hunan Medical University and Changsha Railway University. CSU is situated in Changsha, Hunan. Gao Wenbing is secretary of the Communist Party of China's CSU Committee, and Prof.Huang Boyun, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is president of CSU.

Eating in Chinese Restaurants
China Living Tips - Shopping & Leisure

Chinese Restaurant

The atmosphere in Chinese restaurants is known as "renao". It means "hot and noisy" and that is just the way that the Chinese like it! When the Chinese eat out, they like to have fun - the idea of expensive wine and candlelight dinners is definitely not their style.

There are a few do's and don'ts to remember when you are dining with some Chinese friends. The most important thing to remember is to allow others to pour your drinks, and at the same time, keep your eye on their drinks to make sure they stay topped up. If you help yourself, it is a sign that the hosts or friends are not taking good care of you.
Boukje Koch: Don't Worry, Just Ask Me
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Boukje Koch

Boukje Koch, founder and CEO of Ask4Me, a Dutch design company based in Guangzhou, shares with us how she and her company settle down and survive in the city.

When western companies come to Guangdong Province to do business - typically to have products manufactured by China's cheap and abundant labor force - they often run headlong into a wall. 
International Friendship --- I have found a new friend through your service
About - WorldFriends Networks

I have found a new friend through WorldFriends Networks

My name is Queenie. I have found a new friend through your service. Definitely, I may have many chances to find someone to talk to or listen to. So I'm so glad to have a good friend to share my feelings or ideas by sending emails to each other.


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