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Xixi National Wetland Park
China Travel Guide - Travel in Zhejiang

 Xixi National Wetland Park
Xixi National Wetland Park (xī xī shī dì guó jiā gōng yuán 西溪湿地国家公园) is located in the west of Hang Zhou City (háng zhōu shì 杭州市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省), less than five kilometers away from West Lake (xī hú 西湖). It covers an area of 10.08 square kilometers, among which 3.46 kilometers areas are open to public. The park is the first and the only national wetland park in China which combines urban wetland, farming wetland and cultural wetland. Xixi National Wetland Park features abundant ecological resources, beautiful natural scenes and rich cultural heritages. It was regarded as one of the "Three Xi" in Hangzhou along with West Lake and Xiling Seal Society (xī líng yìn shè 西泠印社).

Jiuwan Stream
China Travel Guide - Travel in Hubei

          Jiuwan Stream
Jiuwan Stream
(jiǔwǎnxī 九畹溪) is situated at south bank of Xiling Gorge (xīlíngxiá 西陵峡), west of the new county of Zigui (zǐguī 秭归), 20 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam (sānxiádàbà 三峡大坝). With the length of 42.3 kilometers, it covers the area of 514.5 square kilometers. The average depth of the Jiuwan Stream is 0.8 meters, and the width of it ranges from 40 to 710 meters. It is sparely populated at the bank of the Jiuwan Stream, and the environment is very pleasant. It was once the place where the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan (qūyuán 屈原) used to give lectures and planted orchid. The Jiuwan Stream Scenic Area is famous for its fancy mountains, clear water, glanderous cliffs, odd stones and famous flowers. It is the top scenic area in Three Gorges Dam which offers exploration, relaxation and sightseeing.

The Silk Road
Learn Chinese - History and Culture

China is the first producer of silk in the world. The Silk Road is the collective name given to a number of trade routes linking the Chinese and Roman Empire.   

The Silk Road opened up during the reign of Emperor Han Wudi, who in 138 BC dispatched Zhang Qian on a mission to seek an alliance with peoples west of China against the northern tribes.
门庭若市 (mén tíng ruò shì)
Learn Chinese - Chinese Idiom


During the Warring States Period (zhàn guó 战国,481 - 386BC),there was a handsome government official named Zou Ji  (zōu jì 邹忌) who lived in the kindom of Qi. One day,he said to his wife,"everyone said that Mr.Shu (xú gōng 徐公) ,from the Northern city is extremly handsome. Who is better-looking, he or me?” His wife answered,"Of course you are.” Zou Ji posed the same question to his maidservant,and then to the guest who came to his house.Both of them answered that he was better-looking of the two.

Thinking about learning Mandarin? Not as difficult as you may think!
China Living Tips - Communication & Others

Learning Mandarin

Every Chinese person will tell you that Chinese is incredibly difficult to learn and are totally in shock when they meet a foreigner who is fluent in their own language! Granted, to actually learn to read Chinese – you need to memorize at least 2000 characters – and this will take approximately 2 years of full time study. But to learn Mandarin, to be fluent in the language – I met many foreigners who picked up the language in a year – while studying Mandarin at a local language school and living in China.

I worked with a young British fellow who’s goal was to learn Mandarin during his one year stay in China. He hired some personal tutors for himself and spent many hours teaching himself the language. And, at the end of his year in China, was able to give a speech to the local townspeople – in Mandarin – explaining the differences he found between their local dialect and Mandarin. Pretty impressive! The townspeople were shocked!

Don’t let learning Mandarin scare you. Yes, some of the sounds are unusual and it takes some tongue and jaw practice to get it right. Yes, there are 4 tones to learn in Mandarin and 8 tones to master in Cantonese – but overall – I believe it is much easier to learn to speak Mandarin than it is to learn to speak English. There are no tenses! That cuts out thousands of words and grammar rules you never need to master. And there are no articles (a, the, etc.). And no feminine and masculine to worry about!

Sichuan University
Study in China - Colleges and Universities

As one of the national key universities directly under the State Ministry of Education (MOE) as well as one of the State “211 Project” universities enjoying privileged construction in the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, the present Sichuan University (SCU) was first incorporated with Chengdu University of Science and Technology (CUST), another national key university under the MOE in1994, and West China University of Medical Science (WCUMS), a key university directly subordinated to the State Ministry of Health in 2000. The present Secretary of the Party committee is Prof. Yang Quan-ming, and the President currently in office is Prof. Xie He-ping (academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering).

International Friendship Stories --- It was April 28th and that day was my birthday
About - WorldFriends Networks

International Friends --- It was April 28th and that day was my birthday
victoyjoy, China and Chris, France

I went online as usual. Then i noticed that someone sent me an email. It said that he wanted to chat with me, and maybe be a friend of mine. He is from Paris in France and i am from China. Although i am an english major undergraduate student. My english is not very well so is he. we just chatted and then i thought i should tell him.Anyway, it was a special day for me. i told him that day was my birthday then he was very surprised and asked me if it was true. i responded him it was really the truth. He said "i just feel surprised.because today is my birthday too'. i was very happy and could not describe my feeling. Because i think maybe something is really predestined. we had a good chat that night and i considered him as a good friend of mine. Maybe you will ask me the result of it.i think the result is that we become international good friends. That is enough for me and just want to treasure it.


Fumiaki Matsumoto: Guangzhou is the Center of All Functions
Foreigners in China - Foreigners in China

Japanese in GuangzhouWith his passion and adventurousness in career, Fumiaki Matsumoto, Managing Director of Dongfeng Nissan, makes himself the best spokesman of the auto giant, which has an annual production capacity of one million units.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding in Guangzhou, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co. (Dongfeng Nissan) rolled out its 4.5 millionth vehicle in the city on June 16. 
With an area of about three million square meters, the headquarters of Dongfeng Nissan is located in Guangzhou's Huadu District, which is well-known as an auto manufacturing hub. 

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