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Home Living in China WorldFriends Networks World Friends Love Story --- Started from the vacation in Japan!
World Friends Love Story --- Started from the vacation in Japan!
WorldFriends Networks

World Friends Networks --- Started from the vacation in Japan!
Raul, Bologna Italy and Yoko, Osaka Japan
World FriendsIn October 2006, I planned a vacation to Japan so I started to contact people in World Friends a few months before that in order to get some help and maybe dates there and I met Yoko, we started to communicate online and met in Osaka where she lives. Well, when I saw her I fell in was love at first sight, for my side....In December 2006 she came to Italy for two months vacation and in July she will come back again to stay three months with me....after that I am planning to go to Japan to stay there at least one month. Well, I really hope that our relationship will grow and become something really strong. Thanks to World Friends to let me live such a beautiful experience!

国际交友成功故事 --- 一切从在日本的假期开始!
Raul, Bologna Italy and Yoko, Osaka Japan

2006年的10月,我准备去日本度假,于是我提前几个月,在World Friends上和一些朋友开始进行交流,希望能够得到些帮助。在这里,我遇到了Yoko,我们通过网络保持联系,并最终在她所居住的大阪见了面。太奇妙了,当我看到她时,我就爱上了她......可以说是一见钟情......2006年12月,Yoko来到意大利,度过2个月假期,今年7月她还会再来这里,和我一起度过3个月......我们计划在那之后,去日本住上一段日子。我非常希望我们的关系能够进一步的发展,并变得越来越坚固。感谢World Friends使我能有这样美妙的经历。


World Friends Networks:  A social network service for internationally-minded people around the world who like to meet new friends, travel, and learn languages.

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